The Scheme

Redevelopment of the existing ground floor to create a new centrally located double height entrance foyer. Grade ‘A’ office floor plates of circa 11,000 – 24,000 sqft, equating to 201,502 sqft total office space.

Key selling points at a glance

  • 6 No. 13 person Passenger Lifts
  • Overall Building capacity in excess of 3,000 people
  • Cycling Score Platinum status
  • Targeting a BREEAM rating of Excellent
  • Targeting a WiredScore Platinum Status
  • Merchant Square incorporates Smart Building Technology through wireless networks
  • Combined Area of 201,502 sq ft office space, designed to a capacity of 1:8sq m Occupancy ratio
  • 20,000+ sqft floor plates on a 6 x 6m structural grid
  • 2.9m office floor-to-underside of exposed slab
  • State of the art Intelligent Building Energy Management System (IBEMS) for full integration of all systems throughout the building
  • Generous wrap around terrace areas on the 7th and 8th floors with a perimeter glass screen balustrade
  • 9th Floor balcony area with views over City Hall
  • Double height Entrance and Reception
  • Cycle parking for 200 bikes


Floor Area Sqft
First Floor 22,626 sq ft / 2,102 sq m
Second Floor 23,864 sq ft / 2,217 sq m
Third Floor 23,864 sq ft | 2,217 sq m
Forth Floor 23,864 sq ft / 2,217 sq m
Fifth Floor 23,971 sq ft / 2,227 sq m
Sixth Floor 23,971 sq ft / 2,227 sq m
Seventh Floor 22,529 sq ft / 2,093 sq m
Eighth Floor 19,720 sq ft / 1,832 sq m
Ninth Floor 17,093 sq ft / 1,588 sq m
Total net accommodation 201,502 sq ft / 18,720 sq m